Reboot Northwest

Reboot NW is a $8.5M four-year grant that will train 850 long-term unemployed residents and 150 career-seeking veterans for jobs in the manufacturing and IT sectors. The grant will fund occupational skills training while fast-tracking participants through industry credentialing and certification programs, giving them the in-demand skills needed by area employers. Program participants can receive paid work experiences, career coaching, job placement assistance, and on-the job taining to help Reboot their careers.

Reboot is funded through October, 2018. Clackamas Workforce Partnership and Workforce Southwest Washington are partners on the grant.

Performance Outcomes:

Performance Indicators Program Goals Progress to Date
Long-term unemployed participants 850 799
Veteran participants 150 148
Total participants enrolled in training 800 605
Total participants completing training 700 483
Total participants obtaining employment 760 454
Average wage at placement $20.13 $25.05

All program goals are on track!

Demographics of Participants:

Male 764
Female 166
Hispanic/Latino 55
American Indian or Alaska Native 37
Asian 69
Black or African American 69
Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander 3
White 709
More than one race 45
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