Our People

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Adult Services Manager

    Jesse joined Worksystems in 2009 and is responsible for the management of WorkSource Portland Metro's adult workforce services aimed at providing quality employment and training services to adult job seekers. He works closely with a wide variety of WIOA partners including the Oregon Employment Department, DHS, Vocational Rehabilitation, community colleges and community based organizations. Jesse is also the Program Manager overseeing Worksystems’ SNAP Training and Employment Program grant with DHS. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager

    Casey joined Worksystems in 2015 and helps to manage training and employment grants (including TechRise PDX and Reboot NW), which include career coaching, training cohorts, workshops and networking services, career mentoring and other supportive services. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager

    Lori joined Worksystems in 1999 and is a member of the Community Investments Team and serves as the lead for the N-NE WorkSource Portland Metro Center. She is also a lead member of the Worksystems Monitoring and Compliance team.

    Lori has over 35 years of experience working in education and workforce development serving youth, adults and dislocated workers in the Portland area. She grew up in Hawaii and moved to Oregon to attend Pacific University where she earned a BA degree in Social Work.   // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager

    Stephen joined Worksystems in 2016 and is lead for the Health Careers NW grant, Career Boost program, and serves as the Operator for WorkSource Portland Metro Central.

    Stephen has experience managing workforce development programs for low-income families and was also a practicing attorney in Indiana, focusing on criminal, family, landlord-tenant, and tax law.

    He grew up in the Midwest and moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2011. He enjoys bouldering, backpacking, and almost anything having to do with science fiction or fantasy. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager

    Kari joined Worksystems in 2015 and is a member of the Youth Services Team. She is a contract manager for services to youth in the Career Connect Network. Kari has 25 years experience working in social services for a variety of agencies providing workforce development, education, mental health and housing services to homeless and at risk youth. She holds a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark.  // Read more

  • Senior Accountant
  • Database Administrator / Programmer

    Trace is responsible for the development and administration of I-Trac, the statewide management information system for workforce service data reporting owned by Worksystems.  He has been with Worksystems since 2009.

    Trace has 15+ years of experience in information technology including web development and database administration in the financial and eDiscovery industries.  He studied computer science at Montana State University and is a Microsoft Certified IT Specialist in database administration. // Read more

  • SQL Developer
  • Senior Project Manager

    Roland joined Worksystems in 2016 and oversees the region’s Rapid Response services for workers affected by large layoffs. He also manages youth work experience programs on the Youth Services team and is part of the team that manages STEP grants from Oregon Department of Human Services, a program that supports job training for job seekers receiving SNAP benefits.  // Read more

  • Contract and Procurement Specialist

    Sarah joined Worksystems in 2016 as the Contract and Procurement Specialist.  She spends her days supporting the Project staff with writing and executing contracts, as well as assisting with all aspects of Procurement for Worksystems.

    For the last 25 years, Sarah has been a purchasing and accounting professional, working predominantly with non-profit and community service firms.  She’s particularly proud of her record of successful audits over the years from a variety of Federal and State agencies. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Accounting Specialist
  • Administrative Assistant

    Sheryl serves as an administrative assistant in support of WSI staff.  She joined Worksystems in 2013 and has worked in similar administrative positions for approximately 20 years.

    Sheryl enjoys gardening, playing the piano, following her daughter’s musical career, hiking, volunteering, and spending time with her friends and family.  // Read more

  • Community Programs Manager

    Deanna serves as the Community Programs Manager, leading a team of Senior Project Managers in connecting federal, state, and local support with a robust network of community-based employment service providers. Major initiatives include Aligned Partners Network (APN); Economic Opportunity Program (EOP); alignment work with housing and homelessness systems, community justice, and reentry systems, as well as child care and child welfare systems. // Read more

  • Senior Information Systems Analyst

    Heather joined Worksystems in 2017 and works as a system administrator of the I-Trac database, the statewide data collection and reporting system. She maintains system user support, translates grant rules and program design into customer and staff facing data tracking tools for the purpose of funder reporting, program management and contract oversight. // Read more

  • Senior Accountant
  • Project Coordinator

    Jennifer focuses on SummerWorks and other youth programs, as well as training and special events for the Adult Services team. 

    Jennifer has over 15 years of experience creating and promoting events ranging from school auctions to library entertainment to business conventions. She graduated from Washington State University summa cum laude, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Business Administration. // Read more

  • Director of Information Systems

    Janice manages the Information Systems department and oversees the development and administration of I-Trac, the statewide management information system for workforce service data reporting owned by Worksystems.  Additionally, she serves as the organization's Compliance Manager.

    Janice has been with Worksystems since 2001 in a variety of roles in both the program and administrative areas.  Prior experience includes non-profit management and 20+ years in the financial services industry in product management, marketing and compliance oversight positions. // Read more

  • Chief Program Officer

    Patrick is responsible for Worksystems’ program areas and operations including resource development, program development, program management and delivery, partnerships, and investments made by Worksystems in the community. He oversees Worksystems’ program departments and portfolio of programs serving the Portland Metro Area including one-stop services, youth services, community-based services, and employer services. He supports the Executive Director in implementing Worksystems’ strategic vision and plan and in representing the organization in the community. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager

    Kelly joined Worksystems in 2016 and is the Construction/Infrastructure sector project manager, working with industry leaders to develop a regional workforce plan for the construction trades. She also staffs the Metropolitan Alliance for Workforce Equity, a coalition made up of labor, community, training and contractor partners who work together to advance equity in the construction trades utilizing demonstrably successful tools such as the Community Benefits Agreement.  // Read more

  • Senior Accountant

    Matthew joined Worksystems in 2022 and serves as a Senior Accountant in the fiscal department. He spends his days reviewing subrecipient workbooks, updating billing templates, recording grant billings, and reconciling balance sheet accounts.

    Matthew received his bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Maryland. He started off his career by working in public accounting doing various accounting tasks but soon found his way to an accounting firm that specialized in non-profits before joining Worksystems. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager

    Sean joined Worksystems in 2009. He convenes the team of Center Leads who provide guidance and direction to WorkSource Portland Metro Centers. He manages a portfolio of youth and adult contracts and supports resource development efforts for the organization. 

    Sean has more than 15 years experience in workforce development at the local and federal level. He holds a Master’s Degree in Education from The George Washington University.

    He enjoys cooking, hiking, and bicycling. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Network Systems Engineer

    Yoojin manages the IT infrastructure for Worksystems and is responsible for the email, application and web servers as well as the network security and firewall, phones, and hardware. He also provides support for the six computer resource rooms located in WorkSource Portland Metro Centers throughout the region.

    Yoojin has over 20 years of IT experience and joined Worksystems in 1999.  He has a Bachelor's in Engineering from Oregon State University.

    Yoojin loves photography and is a devoted father to his two teenage boys.

      // Read more

  • Controller
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Executive Director

    Andrew has been the Executive Director of Worksystems since 2006.  He brings 25 years of workforce development experience to the organization and has been engaged with workforce and human service programs and policy at the national, state and local levels. // Read more

  • Information Systems Business Analyst

    Jennifer translates grant rules and program design into customer and staff facing data tracking tools for the purpose of funder reporting, program management and contract oversight. As an administrator of the I-Trac database, the statewide data collection and reporting system, her primary role in her team is to review system change requirements and manage work flow. // Read more

  • Project Coordinator
  • Research & Data Analyst

    Liza serves as the Research & Data Analyst at Worksystems. She is responsible for institutional research and data reporting, as well as labor market, demographic, economic, and policy research. // Read more

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Marcia joined Worksystems in 2014, and is responsible for overseeing all fiscal operations for the agency. Financial planning and reporting, risk management, and reporting to the Workforce Development Board are some of her areas of responsibility. 

    Before joining Worksystems, Marcia spent five years at a non-profit focused on development of affordable housing and delivery of social services. Her previous work experience also includes over 20 years in community banking as a senior financial executive. // Read more

  • Project Coordinator
  • Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Chief Operating Officer/HR Director

    Tricia is responsible for the overall operation of the organization and serves as the HR Director where her primary focus is to ensure a positive, supportive and inclusive culture where employees can thrive. She oversees the development and implementation of the agency's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion plan and employee engagement strategies. // Read more

  • Accounting and HR Specialist

    Cindi joined Worksystems in the summer of 2015 and her position is split between the Fiscal and HR departments.  She handles payroll, employee benefits, recruiting, and HR administration.  // Read more

  • Youth Services Manager

    Barb is our Youth Services Manager.  She oversees the portfolio of youth workforce programming including NextGen; a collection of community based organizations providing workforce development training and support to Opportunity Youth in the Regions; Youth Work Experience programs such as SummerWorks;  Connect2 Careers, a young adult focused work readiness and job sourcing site;  Sector Bridge Training, Opportunity Youth Job Fair and Re-engagement programming.  She started with Worksystems in 2009. // Read more

  • Senior Project Manager

    Sabrina joined Worksystems in 2011 and is on the Business Services Team. She is the lead for the Health Care Industry and works with employers assisting with their workforce training and employment needs. Over the last few years she has convened employers and educators to discuss the gaps in several Health Care occupations where training capacity is an issue, resulting in more flexible training schedules and Health Care Professionals entering the field. // Read more

  • Office Manager / Executive Assistant

    Jenny supports the Executive Director, the Workforce Development Board and Board Committees. She also provides general office management.

    Jenny joined Worksystems in 2005 and has previously worked in similar positions in various non-profits for over 20 years.

    She enjoys hiking, wine tasting, volunteering for various organizations, lunch with friends, and hanging out with her pets. // Read more