Worksystems Receives $200,000 Grant from Meyer Memorial Trust

December 5th, 2017

We are excited to announce that we've received a $200,000 grant from Meyer Memorial Trust! The grant will support our collaborative effort to link employment and housing services for formerly homeless families in Portland, giving low-income residents community-based career coaching and support. 

Through our Economic Opportunity Program, we partner with Prosper Portland and nine area community based organizations to provide training, employment and intensive support services tailored to meet the needs of highly barriered populations, many of whom are experiencing housing instability. Our current group of housing-focused Economic Opportunity Program providers includes IRCO, Urban League, Self-Enhancement, Inc., Human Solutions, and El Programma Hispano. The current funding for these programs comes to Worksystems from A Home for Everyone, but it is not sufficient to reach the critical goal of having at least one Career Coach for every partner organization to work with clients.This two-year grant will compliment A Home for Everyone funds and bring the project to scale. 

Meyer Memorial Trust is a key influencer in the area of housing policy and investments and has been very supportive of our efforts to create systemic connections between housing and employment. 

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