Worksystems Partners with OpenSesame to Launch Online Training

September 27th, 2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of Train Oregon, a free program offering over 7,000 online skills training courses to WorkSource customers. 

With over 40 WorkSource centers in the state and thousands of Oregonians seeking job training, we are always looking for ways to increase access for job seekers looking for assistance. Through a partnership with OpenSesame, a Portland-based technology company with the world's largest library of e-learning courses, we've developed an online training portal for any job seeker registered through WorkSource.

Some job seekers find it difficult to visit a service-rich WorkSource center due to existing employment, long travel distances, lack of transportation or childcare issues. Through Train Oregon, job seekers can use a single portal to quickly and easily access the training they need, allowing us to reach more people than we could in any other manner. It has the added benefit of allowing participants to proceed through courses at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Once registered with WorkSource, a job seeker gains unlimited access to the Train Oregon catalog of training topics such as business, technology, safety, compliance, and industry-specific certifications. Visit Train Oregon to learn more or a local WorkSource office to register.