Worksystems Featured on KGW's "Get Ahead" Campaign

October 18th, 2017

KGW has launched a series of stories featuring Worksystems that promote our programs and services that connect job seekers to training resources for in-demand occupations in manufacturing, construction, IT/software and health care. If you've missed are the TV segments!

Catching up with Job Market Trends focuses on the current labor market.

Finding and Preparing for the Right Job helps job seekers understand the resources and services available to help them.

Jobs in Construction and Construction Profile highlight the opportunities in this fast growing industry and the pathways to enter the trades.   

Finding a Job in the Tech Industry and Growing Tech Industry in Portland explores efforts to broaden access to jobs and innovative approaches to training.

Pursuing a Career in Manufacturing discussses the changes in the industry and the variety of available jobs.

Pursuing a Health Care Career features our efforts to prepare a workforce for this rapidly growing industry.