• Because Work Matters
    to People

    Everyone deserves a fair shot at success.

  • Because Work Matters
    to Business

    Industry and commerce need skilled people to compete and grow.

  • Because Work Matters
    to Our Community

    A strong workforce is essential to economic vitality.

COVID Response

Our COVID Response

Workforce and Other Resources

Weekly Webinars for Impacted Workers and Businesses

Hotlines to Support Small Business and Dislocated Workers

Weekly UI Claims by County and Sector

Research/Analysis on Regional Impact of COVID-19

Work With Us

We bring creative thinking, new approaches, and innovative solutions that help drive economic growth throughout our region.

  • Business Investments: We understand the needs of business and provide a link between a skilled workforce and industry demand.
  • Adult Investments: We coordinate workforce programs that help people improve their skills and advance their careers.
  • Youth Investments: We invest in organizations that help young people become college and career ready.
  • Community Investments: We convene a network of partners to provide training and support for vulnerable populations.


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Our Impact

Our employees generate $5.4 M in regional income & support 67 jobs in the regional economy
Did You Know?

The Healthcare sector is projected to grow 23% in our region by 2024.