Housing Works

Housing Works is an innovative, bi-state collaboration between 3 Workforce Investment Boards and 4 Public Housing Agencies working together to help 480 public housing residents gain the life and employment skills necessary to attain self-sufficiency. The 3-year project is funded by a $5.5 million grant and Worksystems is serving as the project lead.

Results to Date:

Performance Indicators Goal Progress to Date
Participants Enrolled in Training 480 603
Number of Participants who Earned an Industry Recognized Credential 210


Average Six Month Earnings $12,000 $9,897
Percent still employed 3 quarters after placement 70% 69%

Lessons Learned:

The grant partners have been working together since 2012 to co-invest resources to train participants for entry into high‐demand industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, office, and construction while providing case managment support during the training period to increase succesful completion. The training provided lead to an industry-recognized credential and a variety of skill building activities and job placement assistance was available to participants. The partner agencies also worked to eliminate program redundancies, to identify and resolve barriers to aligned service delivery, and to build a sustainable model that will last beyond the grant period.